magnifi maxsr

I recently purchased this system and now whenever it is on, my ps4 has wireless connectivity issues. When the speaker system is off the ps4 has no issues. How do I fix whatever is happening with the speaker system that is interfering with my ps4's ability to maintain a wireless internet connection.


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    You could try to either tell the PS4 or the Magnifi to use a different WiFi channel.
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    You could try to either tell the PS4 or the Magnifi to use a different WiFi channel.

    Good call, if you have a dual band router try this. I couldn't imagine there being any interference from the soundbar but you can try moving the playstation a little further from the soundbar and run a connection test.
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    How do you tell the Magnifi to use a different wifi channel? There's no settings for the soundbar that I know of
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