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Hey guys,
Out of curiosity what do you guys think of the Monitor Audio line? We carry them and I think they are fantastic. They are very similar to B&W's in the sense that they have a killer mid range, beautiful top end with crystal clear highs and a tight clean pure bottom end that doesn't seem to ever bloat or boom.
I think the Silver line is beautiful affordable and a gem. The cabinets are also extremely well built for the money. I think they are one of those speaker lines out there that excel at price to performance ratio.

We have a few pairs on our showroom floor and I keep wanting to grab a pair bring them home and do a weekend in home demo and VS with my forever owned Mythos ST's.

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    Nice speakers.
    The silver 500 in white is on my list for my new basement room.
    I spent about 2 hours with them when I was in SoCal last month. I almost took them home. The room is about 18 months out so why not keep looking at the options.

    Take a pair home and give us an update.
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    Wasn't impressed by their Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers, despite all the reviews online where people love them.

    Maybe their Silver line is where things start getting good.
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    Funny I was just looking at a pair of Monitor Audio Studio Compact Monitors in the AA catalog. And then looked at the Silver Series 50's too,

    I would like to hear them and some comparables. I also hear good things about the SVS Prime Bookies.

    Also interested in the KEF LS 50's.
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    I sell them in my store they are great speakers not too fussy about setup.
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    If you can get in home demo, why they heck not try them. Thats part of the fun! The few monitor audio speakers i heard. I did like.

    Mikey, if your going to try the ls50, check the wireless version out. I preferred the ls50w over the regular ls50
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