Would yooz buy a Marantz SA 8005 for the DAC

I hear that it is very good and that it is great sounding transport. Do yallz think it's a good idea to try and kill two birds with one stone? I imagine that it would be an improvement over the Aries Mini DAC and also should sound better than my Cambridge CXU for CD SACD. This is just conjecture based on the numerous comments from you folks over the years. What sez yall? PS I probably should jumped on that 8004 instead of asking stoopid questions.


  • machonemachone Posts: 1,172
    This is exactly what I did.
    It soumds great and I have no complaints.
    I don't have any experience comparing it to other DACs so someone else will need to help you with that.
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  • Do you need a SACD player?
    I don't think you will be disappointed if you pick up the 8005. (though I'd aim higher)
    I assume you planning on plugging in a PC or MAC or something...
    It has a Cirrus Logic CS4398 chip, but it is how it is implemented that matters.
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,326
    edited August 2017
    I say no!

    I have the SA-8005 SACD and really like it and it's DAC.

    But I prefer using my Auralic Mini and its DAC and my internal SSD full of music and not using a PC anymore to control my digital files.

    sound wise they are pretty even when comparing their DACs.

    but if you want a great Transport and want to start collecting SACD's sure buy it. buy just for a DAC...otherwise I'd take the $1200 and use it on a seperate DAC like maybe the "Musical Paradise" DAC @marvda1 hook up to my system at LSAF :) it is a beast


    here is a thought - Maybe Marvin and/or skip could tell you if you could hook the mini up to this Paradise DAC and use it DAC instead of the DAC in the Auralic mini?
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  • I'll be honest and say I'm down on external DACs at the moment.
    (though tube DACs are interesting) Nothing like watching your investment
    in a external DAC get cut in half 18 months later. I'd get an external if
    you want to, say do MQA, and don't have a device that supports it.
  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 6,271
    I have a small collection of SACD's no more than 20 hardly enough to justify but I am sure I will get more as good deals show up. A lot of people here have said the SA-800X have an outstanding DAC, it has also been said that the aforementioned transport will outperform a Universal player. If it cant better what I have on both counts I will come up with another idea.

    Yours truly
    Wee Todd

    PS @rednedtugent, I can imagine where you are going but my wallet is thin and I am too short to defer my gratification lol.
  • marvda1marvda1 Posts: 3,812
    the thing about the musical paradise is you can use two different families of tubes, tube rectified, swap caps easily, single ended or balanced, as a preamp, and the newer model you can even swap different dac chips. should keep you in the game for a while.
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  • mikeyb128mikeyb128 Posts: 2,887
    Audio is all about baby steps. Try it out man, see what you think. I didn't get where I am by purchasing 8000$ speakers right off the bat. It takes time.
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  • GlennDogGlennDog Posts: 2,173
    Any thoughts on the offerings from PS Audio?
    PerfectWave or DirectWave??. . .. the 'gon has "some" decent prices
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  • afterburntafterburnt Posts: 6,271
    marvda1 wrote: »
    the thing about the musical paradise is you can use two different families of tubes, tube rectified, swap caps easily, single ended or balanced, as a preamp, and the newer model you can even swap different dac chips. should keep you in the game for a while.

    Marv that does sound great but I do suffer from Teflon brain and I am limited to plug and pray for the most part, however in a short time, I will be retired so that may change dramatically (I hope).

    Eternally your
    Sofa King

    PS. What about crating up them Ferarris?
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