Hello Andy, when I had the Fiesoles i purchased them for my secondary system. At the time the Usher md2 was my main speakers. The Fiesoles were so close to the Ushers and had textures and timbre that the Usher did not have. I then contacted Skip and asked how much for the Volterras and traded in the Fiesoles in for the Volterras and have never looked back. Call skip at Audio Thesis as he is a dealer for Usher and the distributor for Rosso, he thinks that the Rosso's are a natural progression from Usher.


  • Titanictoys
    I need help with the Usher cp 738
    I wonder what tweeter specs is?
    And Would it be a stepup by modding with a Visaton MHT-12 ribbontweeter instead?
    I have a pair at home
    April 28
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