Happy Birthday F1NUT



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    Raising a frosty mug to you today, have a great BDay.
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?

  • Happy Birthday Jesse
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    vmaxer wrote: »
    Some memories for you Jesse with photos.


    RIP Tnrabbit thanks for sharing brings back many memories of one heck of a polkie
  • Happy Birthday!
    Oh, Listen here mister. We got no way of understandin' this world. But we got as much sense of this bird flyin in the sky. Now there is a lot that bird don't know, but it don't change the fact that the world is happening to him all the same. What I am tryin to say is, is that the course of your life, well its changing, and you don't even see it- Forest Bondurant
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    Happy Birthday Jesse!
    2 ch- Polk CRS+ * Vincent SA-31MK Preamp * Vincent Sp-331 Amp * Marantz SA8005 SACD * Project Xperience Classic TT * Sumiko Blue Point #2 MC cartridge

    HT - Polk 703's * NAD T-758 * Adcom 5503 * Oppo 103 * Samsung 60" series 8 LCD
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    Happy Womb Eviction anniversary you filthy animal!
    "Some people find it easier to be conceited rather than correct."

    "Unwad those panties and have a good time man. We're all here to help each other, no matter how it might appear." DSkip
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    Happy Birthday!
    2 Channel
    Polk 1.2tl's Fully modded with dreadnought
    Rogue Atlas Magnum
    Rogue Magnum 66
    North Star Intenso Dac
    Marantz UD 7007
    Pangea PC
    Wireworld Equinox 7 interconnects
    Wireworld Equinox 7 Speaker Cables and Jumpers
    Home theater
    Marantz SR 5009 Sunfire Signature 425x5-B&W Cdm1nt Cdm Center Channel-Rel Strata iii sub
    Backups Polk Monitor 5 peerless,Monitor 7c,2.3tl,3.1tl,SRS2 pin/blade,Polk Crs+ pin/blade with stands.McCormack Dna 0.5 Deluxe,Dared Sl 2000A,Dayens Ampino
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday.
    Marantz AV-7705 PrePro, Classé 5 ch. 200wpc Amp, Oppo 103 BluRay, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Sony Bravia KDL-40R510C TV, Polk S60 Main Speakers, Boston VR-920 Center Channel, SVS NSD-12 SB12 Subwoofer, Polk DSW 400 Subwoofer, Polk FXi-3 Surround Speakers
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    Happy Birthday Man. Enjoy your day dude!!!
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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    Happy Birthday!!!
    Source: Roon via ethernet to DAC interface
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    Pre/Pro: Marantz AV8805
    Tube Preamp Buffer: Tortuga TPB.V1
    Amp1: W4S MC-5, AMP2: W4S MMC-7
    Front: Salk SoundScape 8's, Center: Salk SoundScape C7
    Surround: Polk FXIA6, Surround Back: Polk RTIA9, Atmos: Polk 70-RT
    Subs: 2 - Rythmik F25's
    IC & Speaker Cables: Acoustic Zen, Wireworld, Signal Cable
    Power Cables: Acoustic Zen, Wireworld, PS Audio
    Room Treatments: GIK Acoustics
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    Another day older, and deeper in debt. Happy Birthday.
    Bud - Silicon Valley

    Lumin X1
    Sony XA-5400ES SACD
    Pass XP-22 pre, X600.5 amps
    Magico S5 MKII Mcast Rose speakers, SPOD spikes

    Shunyata Triton v3/Typhon QR on preamp, Denali 2000 (2) on amps
    Shunyata Sigma XLR analog ICs, Sigma speaker cables
    Shunyata Sigma HC (2), Sigma Analog, Sigma Digital, Z Anaconda (3) power cables

    Mapleshade Samson V.3 four shelf solid maple rack, Micropoint brass footers
    Three 20 amp circuits.
  • Cheers. Enjoy your favorite cake.
    2-Channel Office room
    Marantz SA8004> Joule Electra LA 150MII > B&K 200.2 > LSIM 703's
    Douglas Alpha ic's, MIT T2
    Need - room treatments, dedicated 20 amp circuits
    Looking for - new speakers and amp

    HT/ 2 Channel Living room
    Samsung 65KS8000FXZA
    Pioneer SC 27
    Parasound P5
    Parasound A23
    Oppo BDP 103
    Uverse DVR
    LSIM 703
    LSIM 704c
    Velodyne EQ-Max 15
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    edited September 2016
    Thank you everyone for your wishes. Yes, the sun is down now.
    Political Correctness'.........defined

    "A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a t-u-r-d by the clean end."

    President of Club Polk

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    Happy Birthday Jesse!
  • pumpkinmanpumpkinman Posts: 7,360

    Because I am The Pumpkinking

    A Kind Word Is An Easy Gift To Give
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    Happy Birthday!
    SRT For Life; SDA Forever!

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    Happy Birthday!
    SDA 2B-TL (Sonicap/Solen/Mills, Erse Super Q, Rings, Spikes, No-Rez)
    1000VA Dreadnought
    Dared SL-2000a (Siemens & Halske TM 12AT7WA's, Brimar 5Z4G)
    Jolida JD-100a (Sylvania BP TM Gold Brand 5751's), NAD C275BEE, Blue Jeans

    RTiA3, Onkyo TX-SR605
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    Happy Birthday Jesse! Hope you had a great one.
  • agfrostagfrost Posts: 2,269
    A happy birthday to you, Jesse!
    SDA 2BTL * Musical Fidelity A5cr amp * Marantz DV-9500 * Modded Adcom GDA-600 DAC * Rythmik F8
    Micro Seiki DQ-50 * A hodgepodge of cabling * Belkin PF60
    Preamp rotation: Krell KSL (SCompRacer recapped) * Manley Shrimp * PS Audio 5.0
  • BetaBeta Posts: 263
    Happy Birthday Jesse!
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 14,249
  • gimpodgimpod Posts: 1,775
    Well spank me with a baseball bat and drive a nail in my left eye for missing this!! >:)

    Pink Floyd, Just makes me want to turn it up too 12 and share it with the world!!. JMO
    “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

    Unfortunately for most of us we only get to experience the first day and then we can't even remember it.
    "Close only counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Thermonuclear Weapons."
    "50% Why... That's almost half."
    "I know, I'm sick and need help."
    Gimpod Custom 4th & 5th Gen SDA Circuit Boards
    "The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to good analogue reproduction." ~ Kenneth Swauger
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    Happy birthday Jesse!

    I hope that you have many, many more happy and healthy birthdays!

  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 14,328
    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Happy Womb Eviction anniversary you filthy animal!

    I just may have to steal this for future use.

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    Happy birthday friend!!
    2 Channel
    Turntable - VPI Scout 1.1/Ortofon 2M Blue
    Amplification - Parks Audio Budgie, Dared SL2000a, McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe
    Speakers - GoldenEar Triton 2
    7.1 Home Theater
    Denon AVR-X3300W; Rotel RMB-1066; Polk CS350ls, LS90's, FXi3's, RC60i; SVS PC Ultra; BenQ HT2050; Elite Screens 120"
    Man Cave
    Turntable - Pro-Ject 2.9 Wood/Grado Gold
    Integrated Amplifier - Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II
    CD: Cambridge Audio
    Speakers - SDA 2A; Epos Epic 2
  • Happy Late birthday Jesse,Hope you had a nice weekend Mate!
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,254
    I imagine Jesse out on a Sailboat having the time of his life this weekend!

    dang it the Christopher Cross song just popped into my head!
    2 ch- Polk CRS+ * Vincent SA-31MK Preamp * Vincent Sp-331 Amp * Marantz SA8005 SACD * Project Xperience Classic TT * Sumiko Blue Point #2 MC cartridge

    HT - Polk 703's * NAD T-758 * Adcom 5503 * Oppo 103 * Samsung 60" series 8 LCD
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 31,441
    voltz wrote: »
    I imagine Jesse out on a Sailboat having the time of his life this weekend!


    .....and that he would, considering there's a hurricane coming up his arse. lol
    Sony 850c 4k
    Pioneer elite vhx 21
    Sony 4k BRP
    SVS SB-2000
    Polk Sig. 20's
    Polk FX500 surrounds

    Acoustic zen Satori speaker cables
    Acoustic zen Matrix 2 IC's
    Wireworld eclipse 7 ic's
    Audio metallurgy ga-o digital cable


    Sonos zp90
    Grant Fidelity tube dac
    B&k 1430
    Tad 803 speakers
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