ELAC Uni-Fi - UF5 or UB5?

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What's the advantage of a floorstander over a bookshelf or a bookshelf over a floorstander?

Obviously, a floorstander is a bigger speaker but, when you consider that the bookshelf has to be placed on a stand, the argument for floor space is moot lMO.

The cabinet on the UF5 has three ports in the back and the UB5 has only one. Does this separation indicate better performance or accuracy from the bigger speaker versus the smaller speaker?

Their frequency ratings aren't too far away from each other.

Will the floorstander require more room to breath and need to be farther away from the back wall?

Since the floorstander is twice the price of the bookshelf, will I be getting twice the speaker? Performance?

I currently have the Energy RC70 floorstander and the Energy RC10 bookshelf speakers. Neither of them sound "bad" in my living room set up but there is definitely a difference. The RC70 floorstander digs deeper and seems more "complete" in its ability to reproduce the sound. The RC10 sounds very good on its own but it seems lacking when compared to the RC70. I would go so far as to say that the RC-LCR is a great speaker in its own right, as it digs deeper than the RC10 and has a more complete sound thanks to its dual midrange drivers. Unfortunately, I only have the one RC-LCR and the UC5 doesn't, according to the specs, dig deeper than the UB5.

I guess this is what happens when we're given more time because the release date has been pushed back. lol.

One last thing, I live in an apartment and I rarely listen to anything above 70-75db (peaks). My living room is pretty large for a one bedroom apartment and I cannot get the speakers more than 24" away from the back wall due to space constraints.

There will be a showdown between the Energy speakers and the ELAC speakers in deciding which set gets to stay in the living room, pulling double duty for Music and HT (70 - 30). Oh, I don't have a subwoofer (don't need it) and I will not be adding one.

Thanks for your attention :)


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