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    Being a new audiophile or since joining this forum I am still discovering tracks and gear so I still consider myself a novice. There aint that much ultra HD resolution tracks that are to my liking either. I still love alot electronic music and its hard to get hold of so my lil sonys all empty.
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    It all comes down to personal preferences, it is not a knock on anything or anyone. Ultimately, it is not about a badge that is placed on a product, really. I just noticed a trend of what sounds good is based on statistics, 24 bit, 32 bit, etc. How about we just sit, listen and enjoy.

    No worries here.

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    Elmyn from what I have been reading the sony also has a 20k limit. The other thing I wish it would do is be able to take a "normal pc " formatted drive and hook it to the back for uploading.

    I loaded 25K tracks on mine and found any tracks above the 20K database limit "confused" the player. Speed of track access seemed to be fine with that many files loaded into it, but it would not show the right cover art for tracks loaded after the 20K boundary was reached. Some of the tracks were also randomly spread in different folders than where they belonged after the 20K limit. I backed out several thousand files I was unlikely to ever listen to. Bear in mind though, that all of my tracks are in WAV format, including a lot of high resolution PCM tracks from HDtracks. At around 19K files, I'm still only using around 750GB. I did load a 2TB onto it through the USB port and it worked fine, but I just haven't needed to use its extra capacity so disconnected it.

    I guess the solution to get around the 20K limit is to buy two!

    I wonder if the issue is not the number of tracks, but HD space used. If the files were in FLAC would it still be 20k, or now 40k?

    Either way, it sounds like a firmware bug, which should be easily fixed.
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    Only negative I can think of right now is that there is a very slight audible hum coming from the area where the hard drive is located. Not audible beyond a few feet though.

    Hello Emlyn,

    I have recently ordered a HAPZ1ES and recognized the mentioned hum myself.
    So I've returned the first unit and got another one in exchange - still again with the same hum. The spare device has a different MAC address, however still very close to the MAC address of the previous unit.
    Now my question: Have you meanwhile discovered the root cause for the hum? Or got rid of it - even with support from Sony?


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    The slight hum from the hard drive is the result of their decision to use a disc based drive. I am aware some users have put a solid state drive in instead. The hum on mine is not audible from sitting distance, so it doesn't bother me enough to do something to change the drive.
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    Skip's advice is right on. Only an SSD will get rid of the noise.
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    I had one here for a while and didn't notice any hum. Then again I was in my rack with the door closed and I sit 14 feet away from it.
    The SSD drive no matter Hum or not is the way to go. SSD drives are amazing.
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