How to get USB Audio Support on my Nexus 5?

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Just picked up a Google Nexus 5 phone. It appears it can output audio via USB, but not without some work. Question is, which route should I take? Keep in mind I'm a newb when it comes to rooting phones & stuff like that.

The easy way it appears would be to install USB Audio Player Pro. I've read mixed reviews on the usability of the app. Anybody use it? Secondly, I could install CyanogenMod 11 in place of the Google OS. Frankly , never having rooted a phone before this option is kind of intimidating. Are there any other options I'm missing?

The end application is to use my phone & a USB DAC to feed my Schitt Asgard 2 headphone amp in my work rig.


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    Honestly at this point I personally gave up trying on my HTC One. In the long run, your source files are not super good (unless your using FLAC that is), so the difference between line level and the phones DAC and a good USB DAC can only help it so much.

    I am just looking at getting a JDSLabs C182 so its super portable (I get up from my desk a lot) and calling it a day.
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    See, that's the thing. I am using Flac, & I'd like to get the best I can out of it. It'd be nice to at least be able to compare for starters.
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    Rooting and installing custom roms on the Nexus 5 is easy! Read up on xda forums. Always be sure to backup important stuff along the way. You can always go back to stock if you don't like the results, but after flashing a few roms, I doubt you will!
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    Keep in mind that not all USB DACs will work with a phone, which DAC are you looking at?
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    Needs to be a powered dac,correct? Haven't really narrowed it down yet, but was considering the Topping D20 because it's cheap & seems to have some proponents over @ headfi. I see you have the DAC itx. That's also in the running.
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    I have an HRT Microstreamer that I user with my Note 3; it works well w/ the stock music player and can run with or without any external power. So far I've been pretty happy with it (use it in the car & work mostly).
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