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one of my speakers is buzzing when i turn up the volume.
what do i do?
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    Simple, turn it down.....;)

    Help us out here with somemore info. What kind of speakers?What are you using for power? Is it a tweeter or driver or all of them that buzz? Does it do it with all sources? Etc.......

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    Originally posted by kyle carpenter
    one of my speakers is buzzing when i turn up the volume.
    what do i do?

    Dude, Im guessing its your tweeter. Do you use a Yamaha Receiver? If so, it could majorly be your amp! I had a problem with buzzing from my Tweeters and when I upgraded to a better, different brand receiver it went away.
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    Tweeters don't typically 'buzz', usually a 'buzz' is a rubbing voicecoil on a midbass/woof. Like F1 said, check your sources, and also swap l/r see if the problem follows the speaker.

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    start by swapping the speaker wires in the back of your amp/receiver that will tell you if the problem is the amp or the speakers. if it proves to be the speakers, try to listen to the individual drivers as you play something that you know reveals the problem. That means up close, so don't turn the music up too high. Once you've isolated the failing component, call and get a replacement. You can do the work yourself or pay $55/hr to a local tech to do it.
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