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Anyone have any experience with DVD changers in the 200 dvd + range. I have seen a sony model around for $500 that is 300+1. My main concern is dvd switching times, this will be used primarily as a cd jukebox, and secondly as a DVD player. It is a x-mas gift for the pops. He doesn't have a DVD player yet, so he doesn't need any fancy progressive scan or features like that, but definatly digital out with a built in DD or DTS decoder optional, the receiver can do that as well. Any first hand experience or info would be appreciated.


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    you can stop your search right there.The Sony is real nice.I put that peice in alot of times and liked it every single time.It loads qucik.Megachangers are quicker then getting off the couch unloading the disk and loading in another one.

    The Sony also has onscreen disk management.If you can play with one before you buy,I'll bet you'll come home with it.

    Picture quality is real good,sound quality is also good.For the money I can't think of a better player.....unless you can pick up a Pioneer Elite Dvf-07 for the same money........they seem to be holding there value,it's a real nice megachanger.Better Picture Quality and sound over the Sony,but if you can't find one at a steal,then go with the Sony............win win as I see it.
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    I own a Sony 300 cd changer and it's been a saviour. Loading times have not been an issue so I can't see it being a problem in their dvd mega changers as well.
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    i have the pioneer elite dv-07 300+1 changer its real good player
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    Any comments on the difference between the 2 DVD changers. I know one is a pioneer elite model, but feature wise I can't find anything to major that would justify the $300-$400 price difference. I tried the newest sony model and the sorting features were not sufficient, only 4 folders for seperating music by genre. Looking to try something different. Any comments would be great!

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    Isn't the Sony 300+1 DVD/CD changer actually a progressive scan player? My Crutchfield catalog lists it as a progressive scan DVD player.
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    the old one was not but the new one is. i have the 400 disk cd changer and it works good. i would like a mega dvd changer but i just dont like sony that much i try and stay away from them as much as i can. i would like a little more qualty in my product. but that is the olny reasonable priced dvd changer out there.
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    I've read a few threads at other forums where people have complined of damage to their cd's from using megachangers. any of you guys ever have any problems with yours eating your cd's?
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    Certain models I've heard have done such damage. I think it was one of those new generation Sony cd/dvd megachangers that could also flip the other side of the disc to read.

    I have a Sony 300 disc changer for over 2 years and love it! In fact, I'm thinking of a second Sony megachanger and daisy-chain it!
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