Receiver upgrade for LSi9, LSiC

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Recently upgraded to the LSi9 & LSiC. Excellent speakers. I didn't know what I was missing until I heard these speakers. Excellent for movies and music. The detail is remarkable. It took me awhile to balance the PSW1200 to the LSi's. Does anyone remember the PSW1200? The 110lb powered dual 12" subwoofer. It will shake the plates out of the kitchen cabinets. OK, ok, on to my question. I'm looking to upgrade to a more powerful receiver because the LSi series want more power. I don't want to play them real loud, I just want then to be driven by a receiver that compliments their abilities to reproduce sound and detail. Yes, they sound great with the rcvr I have but I know they can sound better. Does anyone have any recommendations for a HT rcvr at the $500 level and then the $1000 level? Thanks
LSi9, LSiC, PSW1200, Definitive Technology BP2X surrounds, Sony rcvr STR-DE435, Panasonic DVD-RA60
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    Most people on here will tell you that you really need to go higher than that to make them sing, like flagship receiver level or seperates. If you do stay with something around the $1000 mark, I really like the Yamaha RXV2300, which retails for $999. Everyone has their own opinions though, so go out and let your ears tell you what to buy!
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    Arcam AVR-200 drives my LSi9s beautifully. It's a little pricey at $1200, but definately worth it IMO.

    Might want to look into the NAD reciever, they have one at about $1000.
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    keep receiver, go wit outlaw audio
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    Does your reciever have pre-outs? If so I'd just pick up a 2ch or 5ch amp to drive the LSi's. You can pick up a Parasound 5ch amp for $500 or so. Also look for used gear if you can. Used will be your best bet for $500.

    If not, you can get a good Rotel reciever on ebay for $500-$600, or check out Denon or HK. If you get a reciever, get one with pre-outs so you can add an amp later.

    Just my .02
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    if the name aplies.....I use to ride myself.GT pro.anyways,

    Id consider alittle more for your receiver purchase.The Lsi speakers are demanding.Rotel rsx1055.It's about 1200.00 depends where you shop.75 watts all channels driven and 100 watts in stereo mode.Super cool as receiver and you can add a amp for surround back(Rotel allows you to do this to keep the cost of the receiver down if your only going to use 5.1 to start).
    I believe Rotel is the way to go.They are less then the other high end receivers,ahve alot more headroom,and in my opnion the very best sounding receivers on the market.
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    I am running the RT series in my HT set-up and just upgraded to a smaller (AVR1803) Denon. At 80w/ch it is pushing my power hungry RT's with ease. Might be a little smaller than what you are looking for but do check out the Denon Avr 3803/3802

    Might be worth a look.
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    I somewhat agree with mantis, but for your budget - look into the RSX-965 or 972, or the Denon mentioned above. They can be had on ebay within your price range.

    Or if you can go into the higher price ranges, then you have a whole other world of options. Let us know how things go.
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