Denon AVR1803

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Wow - what a nice piece!!

I just finished installing it and boy what a change. Set-up was a breeze, and the sound - what can I say...... For the money ($799.00cdn) OUTSTANDING!

It is driving the rt1000p's better that I ever thought possible! Finally clean - clear - and constant power for the HT. Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" DVD-A is a masterful piece of audio history with this new-found power. :D

My system is pulling double duty HT and 2ch party mode, right now it is in party mode and it sounds GREAT! I have yet to put the DTS-ES to the test but I am looking forward to it. What DVD's are good for DTS-ES?

I know it isn't seperates but BIG BANG for my loonie!
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    A guy digging his gear......good on ya brotha!

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    Can you believe they put powered 2nd zone on a $500 receiver? Sure, you lose 6.1 when you do it that way, but still that's nice.
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    Denon started doing this with the avr3801.Alot of technology rolls down to the cheaper lines after awhile.

    I always felt that Polk rt line and Denon go together really well.The Denon smooths out the agressive tri lam tweeter well......nice match.

    I installed the avr1803 as well, but with Boston acoustic speakers,nice receiver at a modest price......Denon makes good products,you can't go wrong there.For the rt lines I mean.
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