wire method for long sub run?

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Currently have my PSW350 next to audio rack. Sub is hooked to Onkyo TX-SR600 via LFE. My turntable is picking up sub vibrations at higher volumes so I want to move sub across the room. This will be about a 25 foot run of wire. Can I continue to use LFE or is there another method I should use? If I should use another method, please describe. Thanks in advance.
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    I have a 25' run on my rear sub. using a monster LFE cable, and it works just fine.
    Use a decent cable and it should work well.

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    You can purchase Line Level cable in bulk.Or order a custom premade one.Monster does make long sub cables.
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    I've got a 6 meter Audioguest that suites me fine.
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    I have a 25' run on my rear sub. using a monster LFE cable, and it works just fine.
    YEP! Same here. Actually have two runs at 25'. Works great!
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    Use a quality cable like a Monster, straight, etc.. or you can custom make one yourself and buy some bulk wire from Transparent and solder your own ends them.

    Anything will be fine just as long as it is a 2 conducter with a drain wire.
    No coax, cat-5, romex, lampcord, blah blah blah.

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