Is the problem the receiver??

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I run a HK 120 with R10 for the rear surround speakers. I noticed that I wasn't getting much sound from one of the rear speakers. It appears that there isn't bass coming from the speaker.

I swapped connections of the two rear speakers. The problem followed the speaker. Very little sound comes from it compared to the opposite speaker.

At one time it worked great. They are about 10 months old. I took the speaker back to where I bought it. They sent it to Polk.

The Polk repair man told me the speaker is fine, nothing wrong. He told me the problem is with my receiver. He tells me the receiver probably needs a new channel. He tells me Polks work best with Sony and Kenwood receivers, not Harmon Kardon. Basically he says the signal from the HK is marginal and this particular speaker is more sensitive to this marginal signal compared to the opposite speaker.

Does this sound possible? I will be getting my speaker back in a day or two. I will test it out again and hope that maybe the trip to the repair man shook up the speaker enough to fix it. It sure seems like a problem with the speaker.
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    Hmmm...sounds like a loose internal wire to me, but let us know. I don't buy the receiver stuff.

    BTW, welcome.
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    I second that,
    I don't buy the receiver comment..........
    the loose wire seems like a good place to start,sounds like your loosing your bottom end,try them both out as main channels and listen.Swap both speakers from left to right.If if follows again, there is something wrong with the speaker, not the receiver.

    I could be a bad channel ...but test the speaker yourself again first.
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    Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I will test it as a main speaker. Thanks for the comments.
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    Suggestion. The next time you connect them as rears (providing they work as mains), reconnect your speaker cable. Sometimes there isn't a great connection and this is most noticed in the lower range. Triple check polarity/phase.

    Good luck.
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