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    I'm not ruling out a sub, in fact, if I can get my hands on the DQ-1W and crossover, I'll probably do it. I'd really only consider a passive to be honest for the 2 ch rig. Easier to match amps.

    I've read about the DQ-10 being bass shy and don't buy it for a couple of reasons. First the specs I've seen show it going into the upper 30's (-3db) which isn't bad for a sealed 10" driver. Back in the day that the DQ-10 was released a 10" woofer in a speaker was pretty small by comparison. The other thing I would suggest is that these things suck up a LOT of juice and I think a lot of folks who said there was no bass didn't feed it enough power.

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    i have to say i usto hook up this old fender 15 boy did it make rock music rock yeah got to love that rock
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    I missed this one,
    Attacking Poor Aaron like that......shame on you guys.Why not pick on someone your own the big bad **** Mantis!!!!!!
    OK enought with that,
    Sub or no sub in a 2 channel rig...........thats a good question.Id say it depends on your speakers and there ability to go low,real low.Not in the 40's or 30, i MEAN IN THE 20'S.
    Now there is one sub on the market i find Audiophiles all agree on........Enter ReL.They blend in like the sound is all coming from the mains all buy themselves.They add low extention that most speakers need.
    Now you can be happy with how your speakers perform and the power of your amp driving them to the desired levels.Add a Rel and learn a whole new meaning to your music.
    Thats how I feel.
    On the 10K note....I do agree with Aaron on sonic purity as I will put it.High end speaker's out perform all the budget speakers made period.Take Dynaudio Confidence C4's priced at 16 grand.They are one of the realist sounding speaker's I ever heard.Untill you experience them.............better yeat go hear them and then post back your new feeling's........No sub needed here.I wouldn't add a Rel as the job is forfilled.
    But in the really real world as stated above in last posts,you can find good quality speakers under 10k that can perform.The level is up to the individual.The cash follows even closer.
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    Audiophiles RARELY agree on anything and I doubt that true audiophile purists would give much creedance to any powered sub. Of course anyone that would spend 10G's or better on a turntable I think is off thier rocker anyway.

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    Don't knock the $10k turntables. You can get a laser turntable for around that. How cool is that? Then of course there's the infamous Rockport Sirius (or whatever it's called) for $75k.....

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    I vote for a passive sub ,sealed enclosure, crossed over at somewhere around 35 to 40 Hz.
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    Anybody ever try the Vandersteen sub?
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    Are we talking the Vandy with the 3, 8 inchers? Is it Sealed? I'd like to, have heard good things about it.

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