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So currently I am running a Sony 53V75 Big Screen TV that has Component Video. Using Component Video Cables, I connect the TV to my Parasound AVC2500 Pre/Pro(cause I want OSD) and then to my Sony DVPS7700 also using Component Video Cables. My DVD Player is not progressive and neither is the TV. My Pre/Pro will be able to pass a Progressive stream with a bandwidth upgrade. Here is the question. If I buy a Widescreen HDTV, and use my existing Sony DVPS7700 and connect it with component video, will I see much of a difference? Or will I see a huge difference buying a Sony 9000ES Progressive DVD player going the same route?

Thanks for your replies.
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    OK, your Parasound pre passes the osd threw the componet video output???or do you mean composite???I have seen only one anything receiver or preamp that can do that..and thats the Pioneer Elite vsx49tx.Nothing I know of yeat can do it.
    But anyway The Sony 9000es is disco...go for the sony dvpns900v.Its a really nice built Progressive scan dvd /sacd player.14 bit.You will see a big difference compared to a good progressive scan player and a interlaced player upconverted with a internal tv scaler.
    go Progressive.
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    I have the same Pre/Pro and I know for a fact that this unit does not have the bandwidth to pass a HDTV or progressive signal. I called Parasound and they gave me the same Schpeal that they have given everyone for the past 2 years. I think that new HALO line is drgging their progress, which makes me think they may never come out with the upgrade. Do you know something I don't? It's still one of the best Pre/Pro's I have ever heard.



    The only differance that I can tell on my big screen with the progressive on is only in movies that are CGI or a new cartoon like Tarzan where the motion is really fast and the Progressive helps to smooth out the animation. What you will notice the most is the excellent color depth you get from useing component video.
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    I contacted Parasound about this via phone and via email, and they replied via email about 3 weeks ago and said that an upgrade will be available and to reply if I have interest in such an upgrade. Woo hoo!!

    Btw...what kind of TV/DVD Player are you using?

    I was thinking of upgrading my current TV but keeping the DVD player. By keeping my current dvd player, would I see any diff using component?
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    Cheap JVC player looks better than my Sony 9000??

    Read thru the above link. Mike Knapp owner of HomeTheaterTalk did a comparsion on the ES9000 and the JVC

    You could save yourself $1000+ if all you want is an excellent progressive picture. I have a JVC S60 progressive and the picture is amazing.

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    I just received an e-mail from Parasound on the component HDTV upgrade. It seems they are putting the final touches on the upgrade. The only problem I can see with the upgrade is the $500 price tag for the conversion. For $500 I could buy a new Denon receiver with this feature built-in. What's your 2c on this?
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    I see receivers and pre/pro's like computers, outdated right after you buy the damned things. Highend pre/pro's at least offer the upgrades but as you point out they are expensive.

    I have a Denon 3802 receiver got it for 625.00 or so from Crazy Eddie's, I might be missing something that the big dollar pre/pro have, but I am so ignorant I don't know it.

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    Did I even answer your question?
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    Whoa...$500! I will probably get it anyway since I love the 2500 sooooo much! I have no interest in anything more than 5.1 and stereo. HDTV and a Progressive Scan DVD Player on the other hand do interest me.
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