true 7.1 is on it's way to a theater near me...

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my finshed basement actaully! scored a denon 3801 this weekend, so now my 7.1 speaker configuration will finally be delvering a 'true' 7.1 performance. man, i can't wait, just thought i'd share in my excitement...:D
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    What were you running prior to the 3801?

    Question for you, Juice; what do you do when your receiver starts to smoke and smell bad? Turned on my backup receiver (Sony STR-DE915) today and the 'protector mode' came on, followed by a nasty smell and plenty of smoke. I imagine there's a part that can be replaced, or something. Any ideas?
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    "what do you do when your receiver starts to smoke and smell bad?"

    Buy a new one, good for you, now pick a good one.
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    Don't you mean true 6.1? :rolleyes: Where have you been lately, dude? Are you actually working at your job? I'm going to catch you in the post count if you're not careful.

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    OrangeToupee - i second hoosier21 on 'getting a new one'. does it work at all now??? man that is rough. i was (still am, until tonite) running a kenwood vr309...

    aaron, yeah, your right-true 6.1, yet also 'true' 7.1 amplification (that's more what i was saying, or at least trying to...). i am actually working at my job, go figure (6 more people got laid off this morning. ...damn, i was hoping for a vacation...:D )...

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    you might have got some metal and shorted out your final stage now you can get it repaired but you dont know what it has dune to the still working parts
    after you get it fixed the some of the dammaged but still working parts might kill your recever agin
    you can fix what is broken but if you dont get what is causing the problem it will hapen agin and agin and agin
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    Are we going to talk about 6.1-7.1?????
    Thats always a confusing topic for most.Fun to read what people post.
    6.1 is the correct format......7.1 is the speaker layout how to explain the surround back,thats the fun part.
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    ok, maybe i should have titled it '7.1 layout is on it's way to a theater near me' subtitled 'true 6.1 format'... :D
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