Issues with Sony Bravia Sync

Hello - I have an A80J tv, the recent firmware update has caused issues when using BraviaSync over eARC. The Magnifi Mini AX will turn on and off with the tv, but the tv keeps saying that the external audio is unavailable and going back to TV speakers. If I disable Bravia Sync I can use the Magnifi, but i have to use the Polk remote.
Sony says that the eARC port is bad, which I am confident is not the case.
Is there anything I can try on the Magnifi that may help this?


  • Kex
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    This type of problem can be really difficult to troubleshoot.

    Have you tried a different cable for eARC?
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  • jerzakie
    @Kex Yeah, I've used multiple HDMI cables and hooked the Magnifi to a different tv. No difference, and ARC works great on my LG tv.

    It's so weird because the functions all work separately (power on/off, volume, actually getting sound) but they won't all work together.

    Oh, probably should note: This has been working for over a year UNTIL this latest Bravia firmware update.
  • audioluvr
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    Have you tried the Sony Forum?
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  • jerzakie

    I stumbled upon this article:

    If anyone runs into this issue change the Device Link setting on the PS5, make sure it's on. Run the device setup on the Bravia, restart the tv. If you leave the Device Link off and the PS5 on HDMI 4, you will have to disable Bravia Link for your arc device to work completely.

    The reason this happened with the firmware update is because this was the first FW update since I got a PS5 and the tv apparently kinda "reset" some settings. It took plugging in a different soundbar, by itself, and then seeing that article to figure out what was up.