Polk Assist Confirms Command But Doesn't Perform It

Hi All,

First time poster.

Have had 2 Polk Assist speakers for a couple of years (bedroom & kitchen). Use them for listening to internet radio and setting alarms to wake up to favourite internet radio station. Have worked great until last week.

Now, if I ask Google to play a station, it says it is streaming it but there is no sound. If I ask it to stop the streaming (to see if it's a sound problem) it says that it is not streaming anything.

When I ask it to set an alarm it confirms that it has but the alarm doesn't go off. If I ask it to check if the alarm is set it says that there are no alarms set.

This problem seems to have started after a recent Google Home app update.

I have done all the troubleshooting I can find on Google. I have deleted the speakers from the Home app, uninstalled the app, completed factory resets on both speakers and then reinstalled the app and set up the speakers again all to no avail.

I am suspecting it has something to do with the recent app update.

Thank you