AXPONA 2023 April 14-16



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    Miss noted those open baffle speakers
    Wathen is less than 10miles from me in Kemah

    He did some work on my buddies bass guitar several years ago
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    $9,399 for the open baffle Wathen speakers. We listened to them before they switched to the cubes and they sounded incredible, too. I think he said they were being driven by 16 watts. 😳


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    New Bob Carver gear


    There pretty!
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    For those that want to live vicariously through photos of this event, here is a good thread to see Axpona setups.

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    ALL212 wrote: »

    We could never get in there. As always the room was basically pitch black and only 3 chairs 😒
    There's a lot more light in that picture than in person.
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    treitz3 wrote: »
    For those that want to live vicariously through photos of this event, here is a good thread to see Axpona setups.


    Dat’s da bad boy!

    Tanks fer sharing Thomas!

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    That was in a couple of rooms Glenn
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    Thanks for all those pics Ivan. Man, those VAC mono's are simply gorgeous. They never fail to impress with their gear.
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    25 watts of pure class A with something like 150 million uf of capacitance headroom, incredible amps. Running these monster 92db efficient speakers. Incredible low end! jqbnedux9bkg.jpg

    Tony you needed to hear these, simply put, made things stand on end... B)
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    indyhawg wrote: »
    I attended Saturday. Wish more of you guys could have made it, but I had a great time yesterday meeting up and hanging out with @pitdogg2 and @bcwsrt. Saw a lot of cool audio gear and great to get their viewpoints. Also good to see Skip again even if it was briefly and meeting @cstmar01, who was working one of the exhibits. I also have to thank Ivan for help spending my money on a couple of SACDs.

    Was nice seeing you guys! Sorry for not being able to chat very long but appreciate you guys stopping by.

    Wish I had more time to get away and see more systems. One that I liked was room 456 I think. Plasma tweeters and it sounded good. Was suprised by how good it sounded for not a lot of money tho I don’t want a tank of helium just hanging out in my listening room. Just odd.
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    How did that Carver pre sound?
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    How did the sound of the $70k Vimberg speaker compare to the $75k Tidal speaker?
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    How did that Carver pre sound?

    John when we were at the room nothing was playing. The pre is still not out and will not be coming out for some time yet. According the Jim Clark it is hung up with chip problems. They were actually using an old C11 pre from the TFM days.