L600 Polarity Issue



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    Good questions and good research! Welcome to the forum.
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    So my question is, Does the L600 manual mention anywhere the proper way to hook up the speakers?
    Is it proper to hook them up with positive to negative or positive to positive?
    I get the fact that some XO's invert phase USUALLY that is corrected by wiring the drivers differently I thought. You still hooked up the speaker cables to the correct positive, negative binding post's the difference was the postive wire in the cabinet would be hooked to the negative speaker spade. At least that was the way the tweeter was on the RTA12 speaker since it was inverted in the XO.
  • I didnt see any mention of this in the manual which made it all the more confusing. I have them hooked up in reverse currently to be in phase with the other speakers/subs I have.
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    If the whole system sounds best to you that way I don't see an issue with running it that way for home theater. But do the main speakers sound better, worse, or no different if you just use the main speakers by themselves for music connected up that way? In most cases a manufacturer recommends connecting the speakers normally regardless of what an auto configuration microphone picks up. I'm not sure that's always the best or only advice with multiple pairs of speakers and subwoofers and trying to get them to sound the best when all working together. Only the owner can figure out what works best in their room.
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    Very informative and not surprising. Love a good technical answer from a Pro!
    2 Channel in my home attic/bar/man cave

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  • Very helpful info. I think the point of the story here is I need to ditch my off brand surrounds and center and having them all in phase is a lot easier haha.
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    Big shout-out to @SeleniumFalcon for doing the right thing and pulling down a bunch of cogent (and accurate) information.

    ... oh, and let's just pretend I never responded to this thread earlier, OK? :#:blush:
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    AgentTJ wrote: »
    Very helpful info. I think the point of the story here is I need to ditch my off brand surrounds and center and having them all in phase is a lot easier haha.

    Having five L600s would be cool. :D
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    NM, I re-read Scott's answer from Ken and the bulb went off....

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