Best integrated amplifier for Polk Audio L800? Thank you for the help!



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    Said another way, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

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    Mac 7200 with their powerful transformers , Autoformers ! Pretty powerful receiver. Rated to 2ohm. Might be worth a shot. I beleive Music Direct has 60 day tryout :)
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    Firstly, the Musical Fidelity M8xi you recommended is a diffrential output amp
    No, it's a single ended design that offers balanced inputs/outputs.
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    While I'm not an officially recognized Polk recommended expert I'll list three...

    Coda CSiB V3
    Rowland Continuum S2
    Krell s550i

    Also what F1 recommended above...

    Thanks for the help.

    You’re welcome.

    Don’t know if you’re still in the market for one of those integrated’s but if you are…
    Krell FBI, if you can find one for sale.

    That’s one I’d possibly sell my WOPL’s for 😬
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    Oh, now I remember this is the member who had a problem a few months ago with his microphone and measuring the speakers rather than listening to them.

    I thought the bass performance of my L800 was not right, one reason was it measured not good.
    Another reason was L800's bass was so weak compare to Willson Audio Sasha DAW.

    I listened to my speakers, and I wanted to buy a better amp to improve the performance of L800.
    But after someone banned my account, I simply went to store and upgraded to Willson Audio Sasha DAW.

    Let me get this straight. You wanted a recommendation for a new amp but due to getting banned here you bought Wilson’s? That doesn’t seem logical or plausible to anyone.

    The amps you were using before weren’t all that great and from the pictures you posted didn’t have room treatments and heck you even admitted your mic wasn’t working. But no by all means, it’s because someone was mean to you on the internet you went and dropped big money on some Wilson’s. Are you 12? Seriously this has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

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    But, also, the funniest!


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    You're all just a bunch of meanies! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Please don't ban me...
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