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Hello everyone!
I have just built a house and am in the process of furnishing the house, right now in the living room I want to buy myself a pair of speakers and amplifiers to serve my hobby of listening to music. But I don't know much about audio equipment, so I asked everyone in the forum to advise me and also give me some suggestions as well as where to buy vintage audio electronics so I can buy them products I like best, I would like to thank everyone very much.


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    There’s a resale place near me that sells some vintage stuff, but it’s very hit and miss with very limited selection. Goodwill-type stores can be a gold mine if you’re lucky. I’ve never been lucky though.
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    Stick around, get your learn on, get 100 posts, and get to know people here. After 100 posts the For Sale section is available to you. Patience is your ally.
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    Also keep an eye out on OfferUp. Seems a lot of people have switched to this from Craigslist.
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  • Efficient music listening is completely convenient on high quality phones.
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    Efficient listening?

    What's that? :#

    You have to know my situation to understand. ;)
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