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Well on 2/16 I made a call to customer service, after 2 transfers and 25 minutes on hold, I finally got to talk to someone. After I explained my problem, (Sub PSW505 stopped working) I was transferred once again, 30 minutes later I was able to speak to someone, that according to (I will not use a name just yet) could help me.

I explained my problem and I was advised that I would be receiving an email with steps in how to proceed, that brings me to today, and as of yet, I have not received any information from them, however, I received 2 customer surveys right away. I do not want to reply yet, as the second question was:
"How well did the Associate resolve your problem?"
How am I to respond to that question, since I never received an email with the steps on how to proceed.

I called back 3 times since then, but nobody has been answering the phone. At this point, should I just give up and forget about this company? I have been a loyal costumer since 2001.
Any suggestions? Thank you,


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    I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused. I'll forward your post and email address to Kim Jasper who is head of Polk's CS department. I'm sure he'll respond.
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  • Thank you Ken, I really appreciate it,
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