Monitor 7 with TL Upgrade

Clarity CSAs, Mills MRA12 Resistors, Hand Tuned Salvaged Bobbin Inductors, New Imported Insulating Binding Posts:


Home Theater/2 Channel:
Front: SDA-2ATL
Center: Custom Built
Surrounds & Rears: Custom Built
Sonicaps, Mills, RDO-194s-198s, Dynamat, Hurricane Nuts, Blackhole5
Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV, Carver PM-600, SVS PB2-Plus Subwoofer
Cables: Speaker: Furez 10/2 with GLS Locking Banana Plugs
Interconnect: Furez 10/2 with SpeakONs
ICs: Custom Furez by Douglas Connections
Bose 901 Series II Continentals Restored, Re-Built Equalizer with Elna Silmic IIs, Sonicaps, and Silver Mica Caps
Carver CT-3 Pre, Carver C-500


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