Dodd ELP

As my life is much simpler these days,I am looking for an ELP that may be in someone’s closet.Please let me know if you have on that you would part with. Thanks in advance.
JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)


  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    Surely someone has one in their closet just gathering dust :)
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,683
    I found a needle in a haystack. Would you like to purchase it? ;)
  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 8,861
    I have an ELP, but I am not sure that I want to part with it. I'll think about it, but send me a PM.
  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    Pm inbound,,, see Russ:),, never hurts to ask
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    All you old timers please go check your closets for an ELP :)
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 22,775
    Had an MLP, and liked it, but the Pass is far better. I would look for an X1
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  • Strong BadStrong Bad Posts: 4,254
    Oh my, now you're gonna make me rethink getting rid of mine. Lemme simmer a bit on parting ways with my Dodd ELP. I have been on a kick this year with departing from my pack ratting ways of old. Off hand, I don't recall what one set of the tubes are, but the other set I always used are the Bugle Boys.

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  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    Thank you for responding sir! I am retired now and just trying to simplify my rig.
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
  • marvda1marvda1 Posts: 4,054
    if you can't find one take a look at the belles 21a or dehavilland ultraverve 3 preamps.
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  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    Thanks Marvin,, had the Belles,,20a for a few years,, the ultraverve is more than I want to pay,,I will either end up with an ELP or Audible Illusions L1 to pair with the Belles 350. Again,, thank you kindly for the replies
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
  • george danielgeorge daniel Posts: 12,075
    Last call do any of you closet ELP owners,,you know as well as I do,, if it’s been in the closet that long it is time to let her go to a good home.Please and thanks.
    JC approves....he told me so. (F-1 nut)
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