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I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, after lusting after these bad boys when I first listened to them in the mid-‘80s – I got my own set of SDA CRS+ speakers. I found myself an interconnect cable(IC). Have a line on a set of speaker stands. The speakers I bought from a guy on eBay, who was willing to ship them to me. Most times, if & when speakers like these find themselves on eBay, are for local pick-up only. Had a line on a set that needed work, but @ a good price in New Orleans. Thought I had someone who was visiting there was gonna pick them up but things didn’t work out. Kept looking & found a pair available in Maryland. I have a relative in Maryland. By the time they got back to me, they were gone. These speakers are 30+ years old. I have other speakers that are of comparable age. I have treated my speakers with love & respect - & it shows. The “new guys”, look every bit as good as the other speakers I have at home. I was impressed & feelin on top of the world.
I don’t profess to be an SDA CRS+ speaker expert BUT I do know a thing or 2. First, these speakers have a single tweeter & the IC is the blade/pin type. That would put the manufacture of my speakers in ’87 or ’89. I’m curious to know which. Figured I could send the serial #s to my good friends @ Polk Audio & they could tell me. ALAS, they responded saying – “Unfortunately, our database of serial numbers does not go back to the 80's, so I cannot tell exactly when your speakers are from. The SDA CRS+ speakers that have the pin/blade interconnect were produced starting from 1987. The 1987 and 1989 versions of the SDA CRS+ speakers are identical except that the 1989 version uses an improved tweeter protection polyswitch.”
I have seen a post from “gimpond” on “SDA speaker identification”. According to this post, there is a difference in the stereo drivers between the ’87 & ’89 iterations of the CRS+ speakers. Without taking the drivers from the cabinet, looking at the front of the drivers I see the following – “SR 142/17”. This number is on front of both – the stereo driver & the SDA driver. This does not help me to identify whether I have a set of ’87 or ’89.
Is there anyone out there in the forum community that, if given the serial #s, they could tell me the year of manufacture?
Please forum members – you’re my only hope!
Thank you.


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    The ONLY way you will ever know is to open them and look for the date on the crossover.
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    Or......if you open up the cabinets and look at the backs of the 6-1/2" drivers and they are stamped with dates in '87 or '88, chances are pretty good that your speakers are not the 1989 version.
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    The only real difference, is the stereo woofers. The 1987 version had MW6503s, and the 1989 version had MW6510s. Audibly there is no difference.
    An improved Polyswitch would be like an improved pile of horse pucky.
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    4dantheman wrote: »
    Is there anyone out there in the forum community that, if given the serial #s, they could tell me the year of manufacture?
    Please forum members – you’re my only hope!
    Thank you.

    If the manufacturer could not provide this information, there is little chance that forum members could provide this information, unless they happen to have decades-old manufacturing data at hand.

    The best way to closely approximate, and notice I said approximate, the date of manufacture is if you have the original receipt from the original purchaser. You can then compare the purchase date with the date codes on the various speaker parts.

    With second hand SDAs, which may have had crossovers, drivers, and especially tweeters, replaced, the date stickers on the crossovers, drivers, and tweeters inside the speaker may not be anywhere close to the actual date or year of manufacture.

    I purchased my SDA SRS 1.2TLs from the family of the original owner, and they came with the original purchase receipt dated December 1989. The tweeters and drivers all have dates from October 1989. The crossovers and binding post plates have dates from June and July 1989. Based on all that, I am reasonably confident that my 1.2TLs completed manufacturing sometime near the end of October 1989.
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