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Hello gentlemen, I would like to know which is the proper cable gauge that I should use for the following set of speakers: rti a7, csi 4 and rti a3.
A7s will be standing 6 to 7 feet from the av receiver. Csi4 will be 1 to 2 feet above the avr. A3s will be used as sourround and will be located 30 feet from the avr. Do you think ofc 16ga cable will do ok for all speakers?

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  • Your answer helped me but also left me thinking.
    Should I consider other factors besides the cable gauge?
  • Thanks F1nut! Any brand you would recomend?
  • BlueFox
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    Your answer helped me but also left me thinking.
    Should I consider other factors besides the cable gauge?

    There are many things other than gauge to consider. This Shunyata link helps to explain them.

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  • Thank you very much both of you!
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    I would use 12 gauge for the front left and right, 14 gauge for everything else. Don't go too cheap on the cabling or you'll find the brightness may be a bit too much for your ears.
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    I think 14g all the way around is a excellent choice for that speaker package.
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    Try blue jeans cable for a really economical choice. Signal cable or Douglas connection for a slightly higher end option. Mention you are a member here and I think the latter two will give a 10% discount. Until recently, one of the beat deals in audio was the Zu audio store on eBay. But they are running low on stock and the prices have gone up considerably. But if you’re patient you might still be able to snag a deal. Their cables are excellent at the eBay prices...
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