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Anyone watching Waco on Netflix?
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  • mantis
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    No what is it about?
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  • halo71
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    I watched it. Was pretty good.
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    Dan, it's about crazy exes.

    I've watched 2 or 3 episodes. Pretty good so far. Makes you wonder how much is true.
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  • Gardenstater
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    I felt the same, wondering how much is true. I'd like to read the book it was based upon or at least the forward to see if anything is stated by the author regarding truthfulness or fictionalization. I remember the general feeling back then was that the government (and Janet Reno) had overstepped its bounds. If they did it to the extent that the miniseries showed, well all I can say is it totally disgusts me. I try not to let a movie or miniseries become my new truth or version of history but it is difficult.
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    I'd like to read some accounts on it, as well. I agree when well portrayed, it can be difficult to not develop some opinion on something like this without having had much background before.
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  • Willow
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    Started watching it last night. Not bad, my wife had a harder time getting in to the show.