Martin Logan's Scenario

IrrenhausIrrenhaus Posts: 883
Hi all need some advice.

This are at a pawn shop just a 30min drive and they have a pair of Martin Logan's Scenario for $150.00

Do I go and get them?

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  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,664
    Run, don't walk. I've been blown away in the past by the few Martin Logan electrostats I've heard. Their normal speakers with the ribbon tweeters capture some of the magic of them. Although my experience with electrostats is somewhat limited, so they may be par for course regarding that type of speaker :)

    Make sure they work and the diaphragms are in good condition, because I believe they are very expensive to repair.

    Good luck! And go get 'em. :)
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  • TEAforONETEAforONE Posts: 289
    The ad states, AS IS,high-end components not functioning properly. Looks to be a project.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 15,287
    And Best Offer .... They're not too sure they can even get that :D
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