Amps: First Watt J2,First Watt F5,Monarchy Audio sm70MKII (x2) , 10wpc PP tube amp,hand made( not by my hands! ) Preamps: Aric Audio Motherlode II, Unlimited, 3.5, Promitheus Audio TVC Turn table: ProJect RPM 9.1,ProJect Tube Box 2, Speedbox 2,Denon DL301 mkII DACs: Wyrd4sound DAC1LE w/fento clock upgrade, April Music Stello D100 signature Subs: HSU Research STF 1(x2) HSU VTF2 MK3, Rockville Rock Shaker 8”(x2) Speakers: Graham Chartwell LS3/5, Hornshoppe Great Horned Heil’s, Nola,Boxer 2, NHT Super Zero Streamers: Bluesound Node 2i,2,1 CD player: Onkyo c7030 Cables: Analysis Plus,Anticable, Dyson,Elf, Wegrzyn,Wireworld,Virtual Dynamics, Custom Power Cord Co.


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