Does anyone build a decent soundbar?



  • F1nut
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    I bought a smaller ZVOX for my father years ago as he was having trouble hearing the dialogue from a smaller TV upstairs. I have to say I was impressed with the performance and he was really happy to be able understand what was being said.
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    Bought a low end Yamaha for cousin about 8 years ago, don’t remember the model number. Still working, but really know very little about sound bars.

    Knowing this advise could get me banned, AVS forums has a pretty good section on their site for sound bars.
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    Yamaha YAS-108 came in. It's pretty nice. Better bass than the Vizio; the Vizio would get badly resonant in the bass when turned up to higher levels, likely due to the tiny drivers--the Yamaha's bass is far more clean and punchy, utilizes 2ea 3" drivers, and is ported. Dialog is also cleaner/more articulate via the Yamaha. I had no need to use the "Clear Voice" option. This bar will accept a sub, though I doubt I'll bother. As I noted, this HDTV is already routed thru my main audio system, so If I want the theater experience I just turn the big rig on.
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    Very B) Steve

    I hope it lasts you a good, long, time :)
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