RT1000i new to me - 1 buzzing, 1 sub no sound

I have always wanted a pair of these since seeing them in crutchfield ages ago, and I grabbed them for what I felt was cheap enough. Hopefully not a money pit like my Audi's...

1 is buzzing, i have read that is most likely the 2 4700uF 25V caps (C20 and C21). I have 4 on order hoping it solves the buzzing for this one.

The other speaker has a very light humming (60 hz from transformer I assume), no sound from the woofer, LED is lit. At least 1 of the 4700uF 25V has leaked. Hoping that is the issue. There did appear to be a hot spot on the board at U4, which is damaged. Also getting U4 and U5 possibly C18 and C19 as well to see if this solves the issues.

thanks in advance for your thoughts or other suggestions.



  • tonybtonyb Posts: 31,430
    No offense meant here, but obviously these were used and abused. Plus they weren't exactly stand outs in the Polk line up of speakers. You may be wasting your time, efforts and money. Polk has so many better sounding speakers for not a lot of coin.
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