PSW505 burnt out, no help from customer service

I've got a PSW505 that I bought several years ago, had plenty of issues and RMA'd a couple times. It worked for about a year then went bad outside of the warranty period (I only had it usable for ~1.5 years out of the 3 year warranty period...). I think I've isolated it to a burnt out resistor (R16), but it's discolored bad enough that I can't tell what the color code is. I called in and was told that it's considered confidential and won't help with a service manual, circuit diagram, or even tell me the proper value for that single resistor so I can replace it myself. All they would offer is to sell me a new one or ship it in to one of their service centers.

Anyone have a decent picture of the boards so I can find a replacement resistor?


  • anonymouseanonymouse Posts: 2,514
    Sorry do not have a 505. However, it is highly unlikely to be just that resistor. There is almost surely a reason that resistor fried - and unless you get to that root cause, you will just fry the replacement.
  • jeremymarcinkojeremymarcinko Posts: 3,462
    The amp failure on the 505 under two years is very common. Mine did after a year however it’s replacement amp Polk sent me free of charge has been going strong for the last three years. Sorry I can’t be of more help with identifying the failed part, but it may be easier to just replace the plate amp. The 505 is a good bang for buck sub but it isn’t worth salvaging if you can’t get Polk to send an amp.
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    Seriously, I had both of mine fail just within warranty. But was in the middle of moving so by the time I got around contacting support it was too late. Then when I look at pricing they want $300 a pop for replacement amps! The whole sub has been priced an average of $237.34 since 2016 and often drops down to $160 on good sales. Why is the amp priced significantly more than the average price of the sub itself?!? You would think a company would like to stay on good terms with their customers who have a history of buying their parts, buy offering affordable replacements components for their unreliable hardware. They keep saying its a $600 sub but its never been priced that way... With the failure rate and the excessive cost of repair I don't think I'll recommend Polk speakers, especially sub-woofers due to poor support and quality/reliability of their electronics. Why would you buy another set that will just fail. I have a cambridge soundworks been working for 20 years!!! My two PSW-505s were lucky to last three! :/
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