Polk Assist disappears from Google Cast list

I have a Polk Assist, and it's basically the perfect Chromecast speaker in terms of form factor and audio quality. It's a compact, fantastic sounding device that's not too expensive.

However, it has one major and super annoying problem. After some period of time which I have not determined exactly, but is more than a few minutes but not longer than 36 hours, it just disappears from the Chromecast list on my network. If I hard reboot it (i.e. unplug and plug in again), it shows up fine for a while, and eventually, it will disappear again.

I have 5 other Chromecasts, one 1st Gen, one 2nd Gen, one Ultra, and two Audios on my network, and they work just fine. I finally figured out what it shows up as in my router, as it has a MAC prefix of B0:1F:81, which tracks back to Rademacher Geraete-Elektronik GmbH, which must supply the Wi-Fi chip or SoC or something for Polk. It does stay connected, or at least it was still in my router's DHCP table, it just doesn't show up in the Google Cast Ecosystem, and is not reachable through the Google Home app.

Interestingly, I don't have issue when I talk to it and get it to play Spotify, but that doesn't help me with podcasts or device mirroring, where I need to cast TO the device, not have it stream from the interwebs.

What is wrong with this thing, and how do I get it to behave like a normal, functioning Chromecast?


  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 11,794
    LOL. Stupid technical issues on cheap stuff. Good luck.
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  • BiggAWBiggAW Posts: 2
    BlueFox wrote: »
    LOL. Stupid technical issues on cheap stuff. Good luck.

    That thing wasn't exactly cheap for a "Smart Speaker". It would be well worth the money for the sound quality if I can just get it to work with Google Cast properly....
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 42,449
    The more I see the problems people have with all this "connected" crap the happier I am for having regular old fashion 2 channel music systems.
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