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How do you have a picture show up in the feed instead of inserting?


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    Feed!?! We don't need no stinkin' feed.
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    I must be special, as I haven't experienced any issues posting pics. I just hit the little photo looking icon and select the pic. Posting from my phone and desktop PC have worked. Here's one from my phone.porcligspml5.jpg
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    I actually find the phone easier nowadays both here and in fleabay fwiw...
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    if you have an image on a photo hosting site of some sort, you can paste the URL, embedding it in "img" tags... the syntax is <open bracket>img<close bracket>URL of image<open bracket>/img<close bracket>

    to wit:

    here's the URL to a random image (jpg file) on the interwebs:

    adding the aforementioned "img" tags results in this:


    (in keeping with the previous post... and the cat that is pestering me as I type this!)


    If you "quote" this post, you can see the embedded BBCode.

    HTH, as they say.


    Oh, it is also possible (as long as the file isn't too large) to simply copy an image and paste it into a post.

    Again, by example, here's one :)

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    Or just drag and drop into the text box area ! (Where it says " Type your comment")
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    ^^^^ oooh-whee.
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    It was either an extension or browser issue. YAY!

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    Thank you!
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    Very helpful since I too am picture challenged.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 21,758
    Very helpful since I too am picture challenged.

    Guess all y'all aren't turning Japanese...


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    A good friend of mine back in Blighty (England) had a Sottish Fold. He was the most good natured cat I have ever met. He loved boxing with you, but never used his claws. He was fittingly called Biffo, Sorry, I reminisce.
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    We don't get many pets called Biffo in theStates Colonies.


    (I like it, though!)
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