Speaking of linear power supplies

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I went to NEAR-Fest (https://near-fest.com/ ) last weekend with a mission. My mission (which I chose to accept ;) ) -- to find a decent-quality, fairly robust DC linear power supply, ideally a cheap one.

Well... there was no dearth of power supplies of all shapes and sizes. One vendor had a whole stack of very decent looking ex-lab DC power supplies at what looked like reasonable prices. One slightly homely example caught my eyes. Dual, variable 24 VDC supplies @ 2.5 amps. A little less oompf than I was hoping for, but the price made up for that -- 15 smackers.

The guy who sold it to me said it worked fine -- the only issue was that the mounting bezels for the two meters were... well... not present. I figured a little double-stick tape could provide a simple if not terribly elegant solution... so home with me it came.

Finally got 'round to smoke testing it today. It definitely works -- next step, of course, take a look at the output on a 'scope (or just hook something to it and see how quiet it is -- or isn't).

To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee
That's not a power supply.


This is a power supply.

33943321368_709a00d16b_b.jpgDSC_4595 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr



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