Command Bar-Alexa-Not connecting to Internet - Wifi

There are multiple threads with this same issue. The Command bar intermittently loses its connection to my home wifi (Xfinity router). It can be fine for days and all of the sudden, when I say 'Alexa', I get the red ring and it says that it cannot connect to the internet.

To fix it (temporarily)-
- Take out the Command Bar power cord
- I go into my router settings, I turn off the 5 GHz band (it is a dual band router).
- I put the power cord back to the Command Bar.
- Once it boots up, I test with an Alexa request. It has worked every time.
- Another possible solution could be to rename the wifi bands with different names, but I find that to be inconvenient for all of my other devices. In theory, that might be a permanent solution)

So, the issue appears to be that it switches to a 5 GHz band, but can't use it??? In the specifications, it says that the Command Bar is compatible with the 5GHz band. I don't know what would prompt the Command Bar to try to switch bands once connected.

I see there is a way to ensure it is updated. How can I check the current firmware of the Command Bar?

So the questions are -
- How do I ensure that the Command Bar always connects to the 2.4 GHz band?
- Does anyone else have it running on 5 GHz successfully (is my unit defective?)

Thanks in advance!


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