rti12s and csi5 tweeters suddenly failed

very sad day for me. just noticed my three front speakers don't have the crispness anymore. they all sounded dull. three days ago, it was just the two rti12s. now the center csi5 sounded dull too. i wonder what have caused it. my setup is yamaha cx-a5100 processor to emotiva XPA5. i am not an electrician but i have read from a thread here that it's the capacitor. he changed it with a mills capacitor. please help.

it is so unusual for all of my fronts tweeter to go bad at the same time. this is a sad day for me.


  • nooshinjohnnooshinjohn Posts: 22,746
    Only possible answer I see is something called "clipping", which is when an amplifier is pushed beyond it's capability to control the speakers, it sends a distorted signal to them which damages the drivers, usually tweeters first.
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  • Well if you’re lucky you just damaged your hearing and not your gear.
    But yeah clipping from playing too loud will damage the tweets. Odd that they all went at once though, I think the amp might also be suspect.
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    I think the word you're looking for is "resistor" the stock can fail. That can be cause by a couple of things. Getting too hot from extended loud sessions and if course what was already said asking the amp for more of more and sending it into clipping.
    You will need to pull the binding post plates to look for brown and discolored sections on the crossover board. Now I'm not sure but some speakers you will need to unhook individual drivers first because there is not much extra wire to be able to get a good look from just pulling the binding post plate. Go slow and take pictures first if you need to take wires off.
  • jaygaxjaygax Posts: 153
    the emotiva xpa5 have a 200wpc at 8ohms rated power. i'll just have to take these to an electrician. hoping everything will get fixed. thanks for the infos everybody.
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    Just about every amplifier can send clipped signals.

    Electricians are not speaker technicians.

    Mills makes resistors not capacitors.
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