CommandBar volume cutting in and out

I just bought the CommandBar and set it up last night. I installed the HDMI Arc to TV HDMI Arc input and the optical cable.

Tonight I used it for the first time. The sound is good but it randomly cuts out for a few seconds. I tried different cables and it is still happening. This happens randomly, there is no pattern to it.

Any suggestions for fixing this?


  • I'm also having the exact same issue. Sound goes out for about 2 seconds. It happens when I'm playing on my Playstation, or watching a blueray. It's frustrating as I'm missing dialogue from scenes. I also noticed the light on the front of the speaker changes from blue to white when this happens. I've also tried setting the Echo part to don't listen mode (red ring) and it still occurs. I'm connected with both HDMI and optical.
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    I'm also having this same issue. Any suggestions?
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    Ken Swaugger has some contacts at Polk that might be helpful. I am sure he will see this thread and help steer you guys in the right direction. Keep in mind Polk CS won't be available until Monday morning and may have a backlog of things to get through from the Holidays.

    Happy New Year and welcome aboard guys.
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    Let me send this to a friend at Polk.
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    Here is his reply:
    "This sounds like a HDMI CEC issue with one of the devices connected to the sound bar. Can you ask which devices he has connected via HDMI? Also check to make sure he doesn’t have both optical and HDMI connected to the bar from one device as this can cause problems."
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  • Same problem hear and I have the HDMI and optical connected to the TV. Which one should be removed if having them both hooked up is the issue
  • Follow up. Removed the optical cable seems to have solved the problem. Went with the initial setup because the HDMI on my tv doesn’t say ARC. Thanks for the help
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    I am having a similar issue where audio goes out every so often. I have it connected with the HDMI/ARC option. Any ideas what I need to do to fix this?
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