• lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,760
    Outstanding work!
  • nspindelnspindel Posts: 5,346
    Well done!
    Good music, a good source, and good power can make SDA's sing. Tubes make them dance.
  • Dr_WuDr_Wu Posts: 209
    Have to add my thanks to everyone mentioned above, and Jesse and Trey, who indulged a noob's elementary questions! And, special thanks to the great member who gave me the chance to get one of these amazing units. This is the sound I've been chasing for years.
    Speakers: Polk SDA-CRS+ 4.1TL/Wharfedale EVO4.3; Amp: Parasound A21 Halo; Pre: NAD C165BEE; Regenerator: PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant3; Streamer: Auralic Aries Mini/TeraDak LPS; Phono: AT LP-3/VM540Ml; CD: Onkyo C390>ProJect DAC Box S2+/TeraDak LPS; Cables: Wireworld Silver Eclipse7 speaker, High Fidelity Cables Reveal IC (pre/amp), Wireworld Silver Eclipse8 IC (streamer; DAC), Wireworld Silver Starlight digital coax (CD/DAC); Power cables: NRG Custom Cables "The Five" (regenerator; amp; streamer; DAC); Subwoofer: KLH E8; EQ: Soundcraftsmen RP2212
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