What speakers do you regret letting go?



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    Rockport Avior

    I see what you're saying. :o

    I bet they sounded as good as they look!

    Thankfully I had the chance to listen to a pair of these at the only audio show I attended. Paired up with Moon by Sim Audio monoblocks. Very nice indeed!

    I enjoyed my time with the Rockports.

    I think if I built another system, I would give them another try.

    May I ask the reason you parted with them? As nice as they sounded when I listened to them it put the "point of diminishing returns" into perspective for me. Yes they sounded good but $36,800 better than my system? No.

    Because I think my current speakers work better for me than those did.

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    Von Schweikert VR2


    Love the VTL Pre! :wink:
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    Von Schweikert VR2


    Victor, Was this your set-up? The TAD-60 was my first Tube Amp. it was what pushed me over the edge into Tubes. A killer piece that I also wish that I had never sold, should have found another one and used them as Monoblocks!

    Yes, this was my setup :)

    The speakers were only this close together for the photo.

    I purchased the TAD-60's from Paul (RIP) and my ex-wife and I drove out to the UPS store to pick them up. Also got the APC-H10 on that deal. Rich @SCompRacer and @Normanality (RIP) turned me on to these tube amps after a major debacle with Peter McAllister of McAllister Audio, and his tube amps, didn't deliver or arrive as promised/requested.

    I used them to bi-amp the VR2 as I was wanting the EL34 on the top end with the KT88 on the bottom end. Didn't really work out as well as I had hoped and the single amp didn't quite have to "power" I was looking for. I eventually sold the VR2 speakers to my brother to fund the purchase of the InnerSound Eros hybrid ESL speakers that both Norm & Rich were running. I tried to use the TAD-60 tube amps to bi-amp the ESL speakers but that was a no go. Ended up with a Sanders (InnerSound) MK II ESL amp on the panels and the InnerSound Active x-over / bass amp on the bottom end.
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    Not an exotic speaker, but my first pretty decent set - EPI model 2's. I'd love to pick up some model 1's or 2's again for my stash.

    About 5 years ago, I traded a set of pristine Sony SS-M7's for a set of Vandersteens. Not disappointed in the Vandy's, but the Sony's had a real coolness factor.
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    ……. Rich @SCompRacer and @Normanality (RIP) turned me on to these tube amps.......

    Does Greg still have the VR2's?

    The TAD's were great amps!

    I had upgraded from '60's to TAD 1000 mono blocks!



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    I was pursuing a pair of TAD 100 I think many years ago. They sold before I could snag them though. I’ve always wanted to hear them, but looking back I think there was something like 11 tubes per amp - that’s a ton of expense to play with!

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