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    In the last couple days I have sold 5 of my TOOL posters for a total of $3200, I made out big time on these... B)

    That's insane! Buying anything fun with the cash?
    We have put a lot of money into the house this year, new driveway, concrete work going around the house, painted the house, had to have some wood repaired/replaced as well, so we are just putting it into our savings let it help replace what we spent..

  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 14,529
    These Tool collectors are like Poke’mon for adults, gotta catch them all, and money seems to not matter...
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    Circling back here. Chocolate Chip trip is just off the charts good. Got to crank it up today. 🤤
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  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 14,529
    CCT is the bomb... I am so glad I got to see it live from the 6th row...
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