standard pcm vs. high res

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interesting listen.
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    I mostly agree with this... But I'm not sure I agree that everyone will have equipment that causes distortion when presenting ultrasonic frequencies. Also I don't think we can always rely on the fact that the recording engineer will properly "fit" the 24 bit source material into the 16 bit end result.
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    Blah blah blah. Anyone who puts "Audiofool" in his subject title is himself a fool. It really doesn't take an hour of blathering to explain digital audio, even with a fountain pen as a prop.

    Audio is not just math, it is a listening experience. The math and physics aspects of audio design provide useful inputs, but the end result is what is important.

    Case in point: the slide rule gang of BBC engineers and consultants who developed studio monitors decades ago found their ruler flat speaker designs sounded awful so they used their ears combined with their engineering brains to tweak the design to find something that SOUNDED good (Harbeth, Spendor, etc)...

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    While I have an engineering degree, and dissected the Nyquist theorem in finitum in my DSP classes, I'm a believer that higher harmonics (outside the audible range) add 'flavor' as well as other acoustical characteristics that add to the audio signal. There is much more to the audio signal than just frequency response. I believe our hearing, and how we interpret analog sound waves are very complex, and there is pertinent info that may not be audible, but add subtle info to what we 'experience' as "sound."
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