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    Can’t argue with either of those points I supose, really wasn’t my intention to fire up another love/hate Apple thread, just wanted to share some perspective on the two services since I’d seen some others ask about them.
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    Sounds crazy but I haven't bought a single cd or sacd since I got a tidal subscription.
    I am running a Lumin D1 into the Kef LS50W. The lumin D1 through its own DAC does full MAQ on Tidal. It is crazy on how good some of this stuff sounds. There is quite a bit of MQA content out there as well.

    Please lets not turn this into a MQA and what it does to a file thread. I actually don't care what it does to the file if I think it sounds better. I rather enjoy the music vs pick apart the technology.

    @tonyb I agree on the owner is a schmuck and that is why I never jumped on Tidal in the past but, when I tried it out on the Lumin with a 30 day trial, I was hooked. You have no idea how much this has saved me on buying music monthly.

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    I am basically the same as @erniejade. I had mostly stopped buying cds with tidal, and then I was karmaed the byston bdp-1 which can decode MQA, and I rarely buy cds anymore. Let’s not kid ourselves, artists make VERY little on cd sales. If you want to support them, watch them on YouTube (the get a cut of advert revenue), order merch from their website, or best, go see them live.

    And I know a computer isn’t the best, but Roon now decodes MQA in their desktop app, and roon can take direct control of my arcam rDAC, and it sounds pretty darn good to me, though the Bryson absolutely sounds superior, no contest!
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    MP3's ?? Is this the 90's ?

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    LisaBrown wrote: »
    It all depends on your needs. Both services are excellent in many ways with each having its own unique features that give it an edge over the other. Apple Music has lucrative deals to the user while Tidal offers more pros to the artists. It pays them good compensation and the sound quality is up to par. If perhaps you need more than the normal music streaming, then Tidal Music will do you good.

    While, if you decide to choose Apple Music, one thing you should keep in mind is that although it enables the possibility to synchronize data with any Apple authorized device but you won’t be able to play them on other non-Apple supported music players and devices, such as MP3 player. Certainly, you can use a third-party tool, like this Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music to common audio files, like MP3 and then listen to them on all devices with ease.

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  • When it comes to Tidal and Apple Music, they are both main streaming music services. Tidal offers lossless music while Apple music offers only 256kbps aac songs.
    This seems Apple Music falls behind. But it is not right. that is because for most devices, they can't recognize the lossless songs. This means Apple Music AAC 156kbps is good enough for most devices and users.

    I also search online and i found that more differences of Tidal vs apple music. If you are interested, you can learn more about them by taking a look at the page.
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    I'm sorry you can't hear the difference between lossless and lossy, what a shame.

    Go away, spammer.
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    When it comes to Apple Music vs Tidal, which one I'd like to choose is Tidal. Tidal comes with HiFi and MQA quality but Apple Music is only 256 kbps quality.
    Besides, I have gotten a Tidal Converter for Windows, which can download and convert Tidal music to FLAC, WAV like common audio files. And I can play them on all devices.
    So I think Tidal wins than Apple Music.
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