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    Would have been nice in that review if they elaborated on how it sounded, rather than just concentrating on specs.

    Exactly! Measurements should be secondary as they really never tell how something sounds. If you purchase equipment based on printed specs, you will never reach musical nirvana.

    Is that your opinion, or something set in stone that all would agree with?

    Most would agree, al least those who have had the pleasure of enjoying different pieces of gear over the years.
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    I just ordered another D10 for my nice bedroom setup, for use with my Daphile streaming PC. I'm thinking about putting it in place of my existing D10 on my PC setup, in order to hear it fresh out of the box again. Just thought it could be an interesting experiment.

    I'm so impressed by the performance of this $90 DAC that I was thinking about starting some sort of forum demo program, so that more people could listen to it.

    However, it doesn't make as much sense as some of the other forum demo programs because it's USB only, and it's also relatively inexpensive. Assuming it would cost roughly $10 to ship it to the next person, that's about ten percent of it's price. So, it doesn't really seem as enticing versus if the DAC was $1k.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. I still highly recommend the D10 for anyone looking for a USB only DAC. It's performance level is simply well above it's low price.
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