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    Hardware Store Owner: May I help you?

    Customer: I need something to kill flies.

    Hardware Store Owner: I've got just what you need: an Acme XR-100 fly swatter, it's fast, lightweight, accurate, and deadly.

    Customer: I would prefer to use a big, heavy, sledgehammer. Do you have any in stock?

    Hardware Store Owner: Uh, yes, but why do you want to use a sledgehammer to kill house flies?

    Customer: A sledgehammer was recommended for killing flies by a lot of Internet web sites, and by Sean Toole, who is an expert on household tools. I'm also going to use the sledgehammer to drive nails and screws into the wall, crush ice, and crack nut shells.

    Hardware Store Owner: But why would you want to swing a big heavy sledgehammer when a lightweight swatter is proven to be more accurate, convenient, and effective?

    Customer: I want to make sure the fly is dead. I'm not worried about the weight. My next door neighbor is coming over to help me swing the sledge hammer. My neighbor is also going to confirm that the fly is dead.

    Hardware Store Owner: Why do you need a neighbor to confirm the fly is dead? Can't you see that for yourself?

    Customer: Eyes can be tricked and fooled. At least one other pair of eyes is the only scientifically proven way to be sure the fly is dead.

    Hardware Store Owner: It makes no sense to use a sledgehammer to kill a house fly.

    Customer: Are you saying that a sledgehammer can't be used to kill a house fly? What scientific proof do you have that a sledgehammer can't be used to kill a house fly?

    Hardware Store Owner: No, no, no. That's not the point. Yes you can use a sledgehammer to kill a house fly, but you will miss more times than you will hit, and you will damage your floors, walls, and furniture, and possibly injure yourself. For sure, you will have extra expense to repair whatever you hit besides the fly.

    Customer: That's OK. A sledgehammer, plus secondary visual confirmation, is the only scientifically proven way to make sure the fly is dead.

    Hardware Store Owner: No, you're wrong. All you need to do is train yourself to accurately hit a target with the swatter and you can be certain the fly is dead if it is splattered on whatever surface its struck.

    Customer: Where can I receive this fly swatter training? Can I get a certificate in fly swatting?

    Hardware Store Owner: No. You just practice at home hitting a target by yourself. I practiced by tearing off a small corner of a sheet of paper and hitting that as fast as I could.

    Customer: Can I use the fly swatter method along with my neighbor to help swing it?

    Hardware Store Owner: ??? WHAT ??? Why would you need to your neighbor to help you swing a flyswatter?

    Customer: Both of us swinging the swatter would be twice as fast and twice as accurate. Plus, my neighbor would provide confirmation of the kill. You should try it.

    Hardware Store Owner: I am not going to ask a neighbor to help me swing a fly swatter and then confirm the fly is dead. That's ridiculous and totally unnecessary.

    Customer: What are you afraid of?

    Hardware Store Owner: Nothing. One Wilton Bash 10 lb Sledgehammer with 36" unbreakable handle coming right up. That'll be $112.20 with tax.

    Customer: Thank you.

    More like: "I have hearing so good I can snatch a mosquito out of the air with this pair of chop sticks."

    Click, I turn off the lights in the room and wish you good luck.

    And you turning off the lights will change his hearing how,,,,,,,,,,,,exactly??

    Stay on topic please.
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    don't know of any of my audiophile friends or even any members of this forum who have made such an asinine claim.

    Lol. That's funny. Tell another.

    Who on this forum has claimed to have superhuman hearing? Direct quotes would be appreciated.
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    My super power is making beer disappear. Seriously.
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    steveinaz wrote: »
    My super power is making beer disappear. Seriously.

    Can you still do it with your eyes closed, blinded? And do you need help from friends to do it? What kind of and where can one get the proper training?

    Those are the hard hitting questions that need to answered before anyone takes you seriously? :#:p

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