Driver/Speaker rings for your vintage Polk SDA's Monitors..

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Price is the same as in the past.. Hope I made enough... :#

SDA SRS/1.2/1.2TL $118.96
SDA 2.3/2.3TL $95.36
SDA 3.1 $79.74
SDA 1C's $70.64
SDA SRS 2's $70.64
SDA 2's (3 drivers) $58.84
SDA 2B"s/studios $47.04
SDA CRS+s $44.34

Monitor 10's $44.34
Monitor 7B's/7's $32.54

If you have something else let me know. shipping is $20

All sets will come with drill templates and Black Zinc 8-32 BHCS...

As always thanks...

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