Group Buy '16: Dreadnought Avel Lindberg 1000VA Isolation Transformers



  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 4,851
    I’m down.
    Den: Lumin D1,Wireworld Silver Eclipse, KEF LS50 Wireless, Velodyne SPL1200, Technics 1200, Denon DL160, Jolida D9,
    USB helper: w4s Recovery
    Living Room: Teac AI-3000,T+A PA 1530R, Tyler Highland H2, Aries Mini, Grant Fidelity Tube Dac 11
    Have but haven't used in a while: LH Labs VI Dac, Cayin SCD50T

  • indyhawgindyhawg Posts: 1,214
    Me too.
  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,324
    edited December 2018
    IN.... You dummies...

    And! Dealing with Sketchy Craig causes much concern with me.
  • ptrooperptrooper Posts: 268
    @pitdogg2 not chasing one now ,thanks for asking!
  • ptrooperptrooper Posts: 268
    1o days and my change of mind cost me to miss out : (
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