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    That's certainly a decent combo, above. I've heard CJs a number of times. They're OK, but not quite warm enough for me, personally. There are a "plethora" of possibilities for a set of LSi-M 703s. I'd suggest you listen to a few amps.

    I've never heard an Aragon pre-amp, only amps--which I would also consider, if you can find a good used piece!

    I think this new series of LSi speaker, because it has a more detailed and re-engineered Vifa up top, is a little more detailed and just a tad on the brighter side, so I would (again, this is my preference) go "warmish" with the amplification whereas I would consider something a bit more neutral or even a little forward with the old LSIs.

    In any case, saving up some money is a good idea because none of this is cheap. (One reason why I'm two or three years away from upgrading my LSi-7s to LSi-M 703s!).

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    I agree I would certainly love to audition other amps and preamps w/the LSIMs.
    However, what I heard at the Polkfest demo w/the above configuration did not strike me as being bright in any manner. I am bad w/these audiophile terms but I would definitely put it on the warmer side w/a very large soundstage w/great instrument delineation. It also had a tactile feel. Anyways I cant describe it.
    I would love to hear from others who were there and see what they have to say.
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    I got to play with the 703's for a bit. Never heard the set up at HQ though. Had them first in the demo tour, so they spent the first 100 or so hours breaking in, but I never felt like they seemed bright at all. I'd say the high end was relaxed. Not overly warm, but relaxed.

    At the time I was running a tube preamp and a Class A amp with about 25wpc into 8 ohms.
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    Dubai "hot tubs"?

    No thanks, we don't need any!


    Currently orbiting Bowie's Blackstar.!

    Polk Lsi-7s, Def Tech 8" sub, HK 3490, HK HD 990 (CDP/DAC), AKG Q701s
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    I really need to get to one of these Polkfests, seems like a really good time.
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    You and F1 don't nearly look as tough as your internet egos make you out to be.

    What ya talkin' about, I'm a sweetheart here compared to real life and trust me, you don't want to run into John in a dark alley.
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    We're getting reasonably close here no?
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    Yeah, we are. You should post in the right threads, though.



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